Ortho Keyboard Mod: that happened already, right?

I’d love to have an ortholinear keyboard mod for the Reform.
I recall that Lukas talked about this in the librelounge podcast interview, that someone already built/prototyped this and shared it with him, but I haven’t been able to find anything on github or gitlab or anywhere else.

Is this documented somewhere?


I’m planning on designing a keyboard mod for my Reform; not ortholinear, but column-staggered instead of row-staggered, based on my Atreus design: https://atreus.technomancy.us

I haven’t started yet tho; was planning on kicking it off once my Reform arrived. But this is a good reminder to order the parts ahead of time.


That is fantastic no know! I just joined this forum after reading your message to express my appreciation. I’m using the Keyboardio version of the Atreus every day and love it. This level of comfort on the MNT Reform would be nothing short of amazing. Given the natural hand positioning with the Atreus layout, the place of the trackball right at the thumbs makes perfect sense.

I’m very much looking forward to learn more about your mod once you get to it.

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I’m planning on building a hand-wired Atreus for my Reform too (once I get it; the waiting is brutal). Trying to decide whether to add a dedicated circle key somewhere near the display…

One of my main external keyboards is an Ergodox EZ, which I really enjoy but avoid taking with me outside of the house because it’s a bit bulky. Having something like the Atreus already integrated into the machine would be ideal. Looking forward to hearing more about these mods!

I made my own desktop keyboard using kailh switches (that are also what’s used in the Reform) last year. I’ll probably tweak the the Reform keyboard files to make something similar at some point.


This is something Seb and I have started working on :slight_smile:


I would buy such an Atreus for the mnt reform.
typing this on my new x-bows (https://x-bows.com/) that I’ll take with my mnt reform most of the time until then.

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