Alternative keyboards?

Is anyone already working on alternative keyboard designs for the Pocket Reform? @jacqueline @jackhumbert

Here are the classic Reform keyboard design topics I found:

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The pocket keyboard is really constrained. I messed about for a while, trying to add some angle to the hands and standard choc key spacing. The simple thing is to repurpose the trackball keys for typing modifiers. Better thumb keys would need a new top.

I ended up with this asymmetric design, where the bottom row is probably replacement trackball mods. I shifted my right hand into the center to get enter and | on the far right. It would be easy to tilt the centre column vertical for a not very ergo set of Atreus style thumb keys. Iā€™d rather keep the number row and rely on chording the trackball keys.

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How much clearance is there between the top of the keyboard PCB and the inside of lid? (How much vertical space is there for switches and keycaps?)

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Where can I find CAD files for the keyboard bezel?