Ortholinear Keyboard Kit

Hey folks! We (OLKB) are trying to plan an ortholinear keyboard kit for the Reform laptop (and standalone keyborad), and wanted to get some feedback on the layout. The form, lots of details, and images can be seen here: Ortholinear Laptop Keyboard Layouts

I’m happy to answer any questions here as well!


looks better than the default, but the one I am typing on (https://x-bows.com/) I consider another step ahead in regards to ergonomics, so I will carry that around over buying an ortholinear keyboard.

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Hi, would love a thumb cluster . More ergodox ez like


I cannot stress enough how amazing a thumb cluster would be.

An “atreus keyboard” style would be far superior in terms of ergonomics i believe. Who wants to help create a fork for this?

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That’s already being worked on to my knowledge! Ortho Keyboard Mod: that happened already, right? - #2 by technomancy

Not really - according to Ortho Keyboard Mod: that happened already, right? - #13 by technomancy technomancy waits for your (OLKB) board. So we might have some deadlock here :smiley:

On more serious note - I hope you’ll produce ortholikear keyboard. I’m interested in buying it when ready; if you have some notifications, please share.

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Jack as someone using a Planck EZ and a Moonlander, I would be very interested in this keyboard for the Reform. Would it be using Kailh brown switches as well?

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@jackhumbert I see that you were asking for people to fill out a form to help lock down those kinds of details.

So I guess my follow up question would be:
Are you seeing sufficient demand for it? Is this something you are planning on moving forward with?


Seconding @2disbetter here. Would love to hear what the poll gave in terms of results.

Also wondering how compatible the PCBs would be: is there potential to make one PCB for both standalone and integrated keyboards? That would really increase the target audience, right?

Also I’d probably opt for “bring your own switches” in that case, and a COLEVRAK layout if at all possible. But that last one is really bonus. :stuck_out_tongue:

the standard mnt reform keyboard pcb can be built for either internal or standalone usage, so i imagine any derivatives would have the same property (unless someone went out of their way to remove it)


@jackhumbert Any update about this awesome keyboard?

@mntmn Will the ortholinear keyboard will be offered as an option when purchasing the Reform?

any news on this design for those who just can’t wait ? :slight_smile: