Zz9000 and USB mount

Fresh install of Amiga OS3.2 on 500GB IDE/ATA disk.
All latest drivers for zz9000 and commercial P96 drivers.

  • Amiga model: A4000 desktop
  • 680x0 CPU: FastlaneZ3 060
  • RAM Configuration:fast 52Mb + ZZ9000-256Mb
  • Kickstart, AmigaOS Versions: Kickstart 47.96=3.2 / OS 3.2
  • ZZ9000 Firmware version:Dunno
  • ZZ9000 Driver version: 1.8
  • Monitor model: Asus VG-series HDMI
  • Other Zorro cards:No
    [MountDos12.lha] 1.2 together with [fat95.lha] 3.18 and a FAT32 formatted <4Gb USB-stick (USB2.0)
    I have tried alot to get USB working for filetransfers but still have alot of issues. Sometimes the USB is not mounted properly and just show up with a random name but mostly it shows up with it’s proper name and can be accessed/read but always gives me transfer errors for larger files such as MD01:Read error 30 in block 106575 etc…
    Writing to the device from the Amiga is completly out of the question since it will all be garbled data that never can be read after a reboot on the Amiga. When i try to read files that have been copied over from pc to the USB, smaller files less than about 100KB usually works but larger files such as 1MB and over are doomed to fail.
    Everything copied over from the amiga and tried to be read on the PC are garbled/unreadable.
    I have looked all over internet to find others with similar problems but found no one else reporting these problems.
    Any help regarding this is greatly appreciated.

What board revision are you using? Also can you make sure you’re running the 1.8 firmware? Firmware and drivers should match.

Thankyou for reaching out to me.
I think the firmware installed from you, is 1.8. and it’s those drivers i have downloaded. Should i use the Beta drivers 1.81 instead?
When i look at the memory card i can only se the name of the bios, Boot.bin created 17/06/2021. How can i check what Biosversion i have?
The card is Rev 3 2020/09/17

Do you suggest i should download " * ZZ9000 Firmware 1.8 BOOT.bin for Zorro 3" and unpack the file to the memorycard just to make sure it’s the 1.8 version then?

I was a bit nervous but i dl the file,copied it over to memorycard and all seems to boot/start as usual inkluding my transfer errors when i start to read from the USB. Nothing is changed.

Hi sorry I missed your reply. I don’t work for MNT, I’m just a board owner. The firmware zip should be zorro 3 from here, and you should make sure you have matching drivers installed. There’s also a tool called ZZTop in the driver package. Can you run ZZTop and post the core and voltage values? Can you also run the Bus Test on ZZTop. It should fill part of the screen with garbage then display “Done. 0 errors.” towards the top left of the screen.

Hi Steve, this is what i got.

ZZtop v1.1
Zorro version:3
Firmware version ZZ9000 1.8
Core temp 48.7
Aux Voltage 1.79-1.8
Core voltage 1.0

Bus test completed several times with no errors reported.

Hi, I would recommend to wait for the upcoming (very soon now) FW1.9 release where USB storage works automatically without special setup.

Hi, I have updated to the latest drivers and firmware but still no luck to access the the new device zzUSB.
I have tried with and without Mountdos together with FAT95 (not clear to me if it’s still needed)

What is the correct way to get it working?
I desperatly need some way to transfer files back and forth between pc and Amiga.
/Regards Silver

Hi, for the new way you don’t need any special tools except HDInstTools (recommended) or HDToolBox (has trouble with big disks).

Insert a USB stick in ZZ9000 and then turn on your Amiga.

Then, go to Icon Information on the HDInstTools icon and enter zzusb.device as the Device in Tool Types.

Next, start HDInstTools. It should discover the USB device as a harddisk. You can then partition it as usual. Make sure to use FFS, or if you want to use another filesystem you will have to mount the partitions manually after boot (using a tool like GiggleDisk / a Mountlist). If you use FFS, keep your partitions below 4GB. Then, save to disk and reboot. If everything goes well, you should be able to see the partitions and format them.

You can then access the partitions on another computer. Linux has native support for RDB and Amiga OFS/FFS, so you can just mount the partitions like mount -t affs /dev/sda1 /mnt. On Windows/Mac, I think you have to use UAE and allow it to use the whole USB stick device as a raw disk.

Thank you for fast feedback.

With HdinstTools 6.8 22/02/99, i choose Setup_Drive, it identifies the 4gb USB-stick as 80 cylinders,18 Blocks per track, 2heads= I guess it’s default a floppy?
If i add fastilesystem to it and klick save changes to the drive i get error 1001.

Next i try with HDToolbox, similar approach, it identifies the usb-stick as 3935Mb, after creating a 3.5Gb partion and trying to save i got error 30.
When i tried again i let it divide into 2 equal partitions @1967Mb and saved.
That was without protests but neither do the partitions show up or when i restart hdtoolbox i get the popup “Drives have been added or removed from the system”. Resaving but still cant get past this.

After partitioning and then rebooting, if you open a CLI and type info, do you see the partitions? Or, after rebooting and going into Early Startup (both mouse buttons), do you see the partitions in the Boot Drive screen?

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Sorry for all images but want to make sure every step in both HDinsttools/HdtoolBox is there together with Info screen.
I can not see anything in Early Startup either.
Hope it helps troubleshoot this. Regards /Silver

I am using this FW: https://mntre.com/media/ZZ9000_info_md/zz9000-firmware-r-1_9-zorro3.zip
And this driver:https://mntre.com/media/ZZ9000_info_md/ZZ9000Installer1_9.lha
P96 = V3.1.2

Anyone else got USB to work with OFS/FFS or other filesystems?
I would prefer Fat/Fat32 since i would like to exchange data with my PC.
Regards /Silver

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I know this is an Old post but what happened the old USB just worked all be it you had to add fat95 and mount dos this new way just seems to be a pain

So old USB solution worked flawless for you without getting the anoying errors i explained in my first post?
Yes a working USB is what i really need but im confident it’s worked on in the upcoming FW 2.0

yeah it was OK limited but to be expected it is amiga after all lol. FW2.0 is there info on this yet?

Hey All,

After recently just receiving my ZZ9000, I too was struggling with mounting the USB drive, but in my case it was a simple case of the instructions being out of date.

After installing FW 1.11 I followed the instructions on the R3 Manual, but I was receiving the error ‘unable to mount ZZ9000USBStorage.device, unit 0’. after looking at the release notes I saw that the device is now called ‘zzusb.device’

So instead of using ‘Enter in a Shell: mountdos ZZ9000USBStorage.device fat95 mount’ as per the manual I used ‘mountdos zzusb.device fat95 mount’ and the USB showed up straight away.

@mntmn, it might be a good idea to update the Manual address the change in device name.

Hope this helps some of you.


just tried with the new 1.11 version on my A4000 works a treat thanks for the update