Wrong battery mapping on the handbook?

While having trouble with Upper left battery on OLED discharging faster - #3 by pcbnoob I found out that the upper left battery on the OLED corresponds to the right battery on the left battery module in contradiction to the handbook Input Devices — MNT Reform Operator Handbook documentation. Can someone verify this?

Mapping in the manual is wrong for the left battery module, for the right one it’s correct.

:bulb:The left module is turned 180° for mounting.

The right module:

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So… essentially it is like this?


Yes :sweat_smile:
(with our machine and the last https://community.mnt.re/t/mnt-reform-r-2-motherboard-update-2021-04-19/177 LPC and Keyboard update. )

I’m impressed that you managed to do all the battery swapping without shortening anything. I think I destroyed one of my cells by accidentally having two of the contacts touch when I did some similar experiments. Maybe you are interested in one of the insulation tips from this thread: Isolating battery clips

If it turns out that you also ended up permanently damaging one of your cell, don’t hesitate to ask me for one of mine: JGNE 18650 1800mAh original MNT Reform battery giveaway

I created this issue for the handbook to not loose track of this: documentation of old battery mapping is wrong (#3) · Issues · Reform / reform-handbook · GitLab


:slightly_smiling_face: First time I removed all batteries I didn’t know about the problem. I think 80% luck and 20% precaution removing the BATLEFT & BATRIGHT connectors. After reading some posts and knowing the problem, while still removing the BATLEFT & BATRIGHT connectors I took them out with more care :exploding_head:. Isolating the contacts with heat-shrink is the best solution (the 3D printed separator is nice but not as effective) because if the blue isolator/heat-shrink of the LiFePO is rubbed off there will be a short on the positive end of the battery (the battery casing is the negative pole). I think that happened here https://community.mnt.re/t/battery-failure/604 :thinking:
The battery was discharged because the balancing resistor was always on while charging https://community.mnt.re/t/upper-left-battery-on-oled-discharging-faster/1071. I think the balancing process will take long time with such a difference in Voltage. I’ll try charging the cell with an external circuit. If the cell is dead I will ask you for the giveaway - Thank you :tada: :confetti_ball:.